International Module: Intercultural Education

For the first time, the KPH Vienna/Krems will offer an International Module with 20 ECTS (possibility to extend to 30 ECTS) at our spring semester 2019 (March to June 2019).

About the programme

The International Module (20 ECTS) ‘Intercultural Education in primary education’ is part of a broader programme of 30 ECTS. (Initiates file downloaddownload the flyer here)

It covers three areas of expertise: (1) Social Cultural Education, (2) ICT, (3) Music for young learners and (4) Sustainability. The second part of the syllabus consists of an individual, tailor-made programme, ‘Teaching in primary education’, in which the student can choose from a range of subjects (some in English, most in German).

Students can also attend school placements (internship) or regular school placement where German ist the teaching language and German on level C1 is expected.

Students with their first language German or at language level C1 in German can still choose from all courses offered at our primary curriculum (please note the semester schedule).