The university college offers counselling and support programmes for school development. They are structured into six branches.

  • Advisory Centre for School Development and Leadership
  • TIBI: Centre for Gifted Education and Innovation
  • Compass: Centre for Employee Health, Safety and Wellness
  • Centre for Interfaith and Intercultural Counselling
  • Centre for Digital Pedagogy
  • Pilgrim: Centre for Sustainability and Spirituality

School development rests on three central pillars: the development of organisational structures, human resources, and didactics of teaching and learning. It centres around the learning process, as well as the learning progress of pupils.



Institute for Enrichment and Innovation (TIBI)

The programmes of TIBI (Thomasianum, Institute for Gifted Education and Innovation) was founded in 2004 by the Archdiocese of Vienna to provide training, service and counselling facilities. In 2007 it became part of the University College of Teacher Education Vienna/Krems.

Based on Christian values, its principles reflect a dynamic concept of talents and abilities, which revolve in a professional way around heterogeneity and individual learning requirements. Thus the programmes for pupils, parents and teachers at TIBI ensure that every pupil is supported according to their needs.


contact: tibi-begabtenfoerderung(at)

Advisory Centre KOMPASS

Advisory Centre for Personal Wellness, Resilience and Job Satisfaction of Teachers

KOMPASS aims to provide support for enhancing personal and professional development, job satisfaction and individual health of teachers.

Tailor-made supervision, managing counselling and coaching opportunities, coordinating advanced teacher training and continuous teacher education as well as organising events and presentations on topics enhancing personal wellness and job satisfaction should support teachers to strengthen their competences with respect to health and well-being.


Mag. Andrea Gerstenberger, Dipl.-Päd.
Chief Manager

T +43-664 889 811 04

Interreligious and Intercultural Advisory Centre (iiB)

The Interreligious and Intercultural Advisory Centre (iiB) is the result of a close cooperation between the University College of Teacher Education and IRPA, the privately run teacher training institution for Islamic religion at lower secondary schools.

The centre focuses on schools (school leaders, teaching staff, student teachers and parents) who feel the need for more profound information on interreligious and intercultural issues as required by the constantly growing diversity in language, culture and religion.

Experts of various religions and denominations are available for counselling or for workshops in schools.


contact: interreligioese-beratung(at)

Advisory Centre for School Development and Leadership

The advisory centre on school development and leadership was founded to provide further professional training for teachers and school principals. The programme includes:

  • Supervision of school and teacher development schemes as well as guided in-house training schemes at schools
  • Support for school evaluation processes
  • Advice on educational change and conflict management
  • Supervision and support in pedagogical, personal and organisational affairs
  • Professional leadership programmes


contact: schulentwicklung-leadership(at)


For further information please contact:

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