The University College of Teacher Education Vienna/Krems (KPH) was founded in 2007.

The institution is unique in Europe in its ecumenically oriented approach. Moreover, with its seven locations – four campuses and three educational centres – in Vienna and Lower Austria it is Austria’s largest private university college of teacher education. Based on a balanced curriculum of initial teacher training, in-service teacher training and further education, the KPH offers opportunities for teachers to acquire qualifications and  professionalisation in order to be able to meet the challenges in the fields of general pedagogy and religious education.

The University College maintains close ties with international partner institutions on university and college level.
Students and teaching staff can benefit from a large number of international exchange opportunities like Erasmus+, International Weeks, and teaching practice abroad, thus enhancing the study programmes and fostering the spirit of international cooperation.

Consequently, research and development projects gain in scope and quality. Both lecturers and administrative staff regularly participate in exchanges and teacher/staff trainings at partner institutions.
A characteristic feature of the college is Pastoral Care offered to employees and students. Offers include counselling in personal and religious matters, ecumenical services, as well as individual use of multi-faith prayer rooms for private worship.

Intellectual Capital Report

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Strategic institutes and centres of excellence have clear profiles in setting thematic priorities in school and curriculum development as well as in implementing exemplary projects in pedagogical fields from kindergarten to adult education with special attention given to Christian values and  traditions.

Centres of excellence have been established in the fields of pre-school education, human rights pedagogy, artistic and cultural education, intercultural, interreligious and inter-confessional learning, spirituality and education for sustainable development, integrative promotion of giftedness and research into giftedness, value-based business didactics, school development, language competence, mathematics, primary school pedagogy and scientific competence.


Practice Schools

The KPH is a place of teaching, learning and research for the education sector and offers students
a theory-based teaching practice in selected schools. From the very beginning of the course  programme, students teach at the selected training schools under the guidance of experienced teachers and mentors from the college.

E-Learning and Peer Mentoring

The KPH has broadened the range of its e-learning platforms and interactive learning models. At the same time, personal coaching is enhanced through the innovative peer-review model, in which senior students work as peer mentors.

Cooperation and Networks

The KPH cooperates on specific issues with public authorities and ministries, as well as educational  institutions in national and international networks. Moreover, it participates in international  educational programmes. The KPH sees itself as a place of public discourse on school development and teacher education in general, on promoting education of the individual and the development of the community.


Kirchliche Pädagogische Hochschule Wien/Krems

Rector’s office
KPH Wien/Krems
Mayerweckstraße 1
1210 Wien, Austria

T +43-1 29 108-106
E office(at)