The University College of Christian Churches for Education Vienna/Krems is Austria’s largest private college of teacher education with seven locations in Vienna and Lower Austria.
The College pursues a policy based on Christian values in pre-service teacher education as well as teacher professional development and advanced training. The overall objective is to qualify and professionalise teachers in their subject-specific pedagogical fields and religious education.
The College Foundation of the Archdiocese of Vienna, which operates the University College, provides and administers its premises and infrastructure. The college teaching staff are employees under public law.

Ecumenical Sponsorship
The seven Christian Churches represented at the College (Roman Catholic Church, Protestant Church (Augsburg and Helvetic Confessions), Greek-Oriental Church, three Oriental Orthodox Churches and the Old Catholic Church) promote an ecumenical model of cooperation allowing for each individual institution to adhere to their specific identities. The ecumenical framework in the college structure is unique in its form.

Religious Diversity

In recent years, this cooperation has been opened up to further denominations and religious groupings. As a result, the University College provides teacher training for religious education and promotes interreligious competences in cooperation with the community of Free Churches in Austria, the Islamic Community of Austria, as well as Alevi, Jewish and the Buddhist religious communities.

This profile is regarded as ground-breaking in its conceptual structure, positioning religion in pre-service teacher education, teacher professional development and advanced training with an additional focus on interreligious research. These aspects affect curriculum design, as well as the general practices of teaching and learning at teacher education colleges in Austria and beyond.